Nightlight Discovery

Lost in the woods a wolf pup meets Kura, a magical firefly who guides you through the forest on a journey of discovery.

Nightlight Discovery

A game & a learning experience

Nightlight Discovery follows the story of a wolf pup struggling to grow-up. As the game unfolds, so does a structure for self-understanding and forming a self-taught life. Made in Unreal Engine

Magical Fireflies


We're a father/kid team exploring storytelling in the mid-21st century.

The concept and storyline reflect youthful curiosity.

The gameplay encourages a growth mindset while also revealing insights about the surrounding nature and wildlife.

It’s essential to foster a child’s interest. Our natural world touches every topic in science and math. The arts and humanities also wrap around nature in beautiful ways.

  • Jeff Barry

    Co-Founder / Technical Director / Developer

    Educator, librarian, programmer, writer. My life's work is crafting digital experiences that engage others in the complex problems facing this world.

  • Cove Barry

    Co-Founder / Creative Director / Storyteller

    12 year-old Cove describes themself as, "I am one who cares about wildlife." Dedicated to helping others learn about protecting animals in this complex world, Cove knows what they want to do with their life. They've been telling us for years. Nightlight Discovery is their pathway for education.


Our first priority is completing version 1 of the game.

Creative series

Main characters will spin off into episodic adventures in book & animated formats.

Forest animals

Playable characters will expand from the wolf to other forest animals.


In case you're wondering: the open world of Nightlight Discovery is communal property for all to enjoy without private ownership.

Community of learners

A fun learning environment for kids, who will grow into the next generation of creators.


A self-paced curriculum for learning about the world around us. Our companion site: Cares About Wildlife

Imagine the Long-term

The kids of today will live into the late 21st century

Their kids will see the next century. We see our lives' work expressed through Nightlight Discovery. We're creating for the decades ahead.

Frequently asked questions

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